The Ten by Ten project is designed to challenge you to identify wildlife in the out-of-doors. This book offers descriptions of sixteen different bird groups. Your task is to find ten of them before or during your tenth year — that is, before your eleventh birthday. Once you do so, return to this website ( to record your achievement, to obtain your diploma and to add your name to the list of the boys and girls who have also met this challenge.

image of Barn Swallow flying over a pond

Here are some hints about how to complete this challenge

Many of you will be guided by a parent, teacher or nature leader, but that is not necessary. You should be able to meet this challenge on your own. All you need to do is go outside to find birds in your neighborhood. Here are some suggestions about how to complete this challenge:

  1. Look through the Birds book to become familiar with the bird groups you are challenged to find.
  2. Do not hesitate to get help in finding these birds. Although parents and teachers can often be helpful, so too can other boys and girls. You can assist each other.
  3. If you are looking on your own, there are several bird identification apps that you can use. One of them is called Merlin ID.
  4. Remember any species in a group will count for that group. If you find a tree swallow, that will count for the SWALLOWS group, just as would a barn swallow.
  5. When you find a group, mark the index on page 2 and the group page to record your achievement. This is also a good time to read more about that group.
  6. Although birds can be found almost anywhere, parks are good places to visit.
  7. Older bird watchers often use high-powered binoculars and telescopes to see birds. You don't need them. You should be able to see the birds in the book without such equipment.
  8. Spring is an especially good time of year to look for birds, but they can be found in all seasons, even including winter.
  9. Once you have identified ten species, return to this website to record your achievement, obtain your digital badge, and see where you stand among other young North American bird watchers. Once you have your rank number, you can compare this with your friends.

After you've Completed the Birds Challenge

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